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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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Natália Precioso is from São Paulo in love with the world, nature and art. Graduated in Architecture and with a career in the area for over 10 years, she traced her journey discovering new passions such as fashion and creative direction, and combined them with her talent in design.


Na works with her professional expertise, but she also has as an ally a free spirit who loves to explore new places and cultures around the world. ​ He currently develops projects and creates content aimed at both areas, combining his professional experiences and his creativity, to seek daily different ways to innovate in his digital positioning.


"I always questioned what my role in the world would be.


I had the opportunity to travel through several countries that instigated me to want to learn about different subjects.


I've been through design, aesthetics, architecture and content production.


Today I understand, all areas have always had one thing in common, art.


The art that gives me the freedom to create without rules, gives me opportunities to move through different areas and opens the door to creative direction.


It doesn't matter if at work I'll be the producer, photographer, model, designer or set designer, what matters is that through art I can convey the way I see the world."


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Copy of capa behance (1)_edited.png
Copy of capa behance (2)_edited.png
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